AIDS threatens every man, woman and child in Africa today. The pandemic is the most serious social, labour, and humanitarian challenge of our time. Against this backdrop Self Empowerment International has committed itself to specific human capacity-building initiatives for scaling up HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention and Treatment programmes. Harnessing the knowledge and insights gained from extensive research and development, the e-thena™ Training Solutions dealing with HIV/AIDS education and antiretroviral therapy (ART) delivery training was developed over four years. The aims of the e-thena™ Training Solutions are to:

  1. Educate and promote understanding amongst all individuals including all workers across the board, communities, school children, clinical and community health workers, counsellors, nurses, clinical officers, social workers, community leaders (eg. sangomas), volunteers, medical officers and those who are HIV positive.
  2. To ensure access to good-quality awareness, prevention and care.
  3. To prevent new infections by means of e-thena™ Training Solutions.
  4. To improve the overall quality of in-country health care and education by means of scaling up human capacity-building training.

Self Empowerment International's main objectives with the e-thena™ Training Solutions are all related to the expansion of a crucial knowledge and skills base of individuals and communities, in order to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS more effectively and to facilitate the delivery and management of ART.

In order to achieve the most effective training outcomes Self Empowerment International constantly strives to provide the best possible technical support for training, developing and publishing core training packages and solutions for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and ART delivery.

Self Empowerment International's e-thena™ Training Solutions programme has been developed into South Africa's 11 official languages as well as in Portuguese and French for Anglophone and Francophone parts of Africa. e-thena™Training Solutions is also available in other major languages. The e-thena™ training programme is a computer based (CBT) awareness and prevention programme that is available in various forms:

  • touch screen kiosk
  • intranet
  • CD Rom

e-thena™ is an interactive multimedia programme during which the user can dictate his own pace of learning. e-thena™ uses animation and has very clear graphics. The use of audio-visual presentation enhances the transfer of information to users. Self Empowerment International's e-thena™ HIV Awareness and Prevention programmes have been designed with interactive functionality that is easily navigable by users who are not computer literate.

Self Empowerment International's overall mission is to significantly reduce the level of human suffering caused by HIV/AIDS, and to lessen its impact on the development of social, economic and human capital globally by providing the best health education available by using cutting edge HIV/AIDS awareness and education programmes as offered by the e-thena™ Solutions.


It is high time we tapped the strengths of the business sector to the full. AIDS affects business. The spread of the pandemic has caused business costs to expand, and markets to shrink. As both the current balance sheet and future indicator show, the business community needs to get involved to protect its bottom line. We need your help - right now. There are already several examples that prove the unparalleled positive impact that corporate action can have in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is time to turn those examples into concerted and strategic actions in the workplace, in advocacy and in building on your corporate strengths.

- Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General, in a speech given to the United States Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC in June 2001.

How does HIV/AIDS affect the workplace?

  • Reduced supply of labour
  • Loss of skilled and experienced workers
  • Changes in composition of labour force and early entry of children into employment
  • Mismatch between human resources and labour requirements
  • Reduced productivity
  • Absenteeism and early retirement
  • Increased labour costs for employers
  • Loss of wage earners in a household
  • Increase in female-headed households


Self Empowerment International has grown into one of the most highly recognised ABET and Lifeskill providers in the country.

What makes SEI unique is that they are able to integrate ABET and Lifeskills in a holistic manner so as to fast-track the learner through the various ABET levels. SEI has found a unique technique to ABET training and development, which is a far quicker and more exciting way of learning. In this light SEI have managed to achieve high pass rates in the national International Examination Board (IEB) examinations in 1999 and 2000 respectively. SEI can proudly state that they can, and have for that matter, trained functionally illiterate Pre-ABET learners to read and write in his/her mother tongue within 60-80 hours.

SEI's different products and services play an ever increasing role in today's workplace with approximately 60% of the South African workforce being functionally illiterate. After extensive ABET training there is a definite increase in productivity levels, as well as an increase in worker pride and loyalty. Communication within companies are more defined, gender and cultural relationships are improved and SEI's training also sets the platform for Employment Equity compliance.

Self Empowerment International offers Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) in an extremely unique manner. Prior to SEI putting a delegate into ABET training, they first conduct a personal profile, which offers the client a full diagnostic report on each delegate in order to place them in their correct Pre-ABET or ABET levels 1-4. During Pre-ABET training the person learns through "fun packed" learning which has accrued great success. Once the learner reaches level 1 they are also taught lifeskills to fast-track them through the various ABET levels. SEI's range of trainers are specifically selected to teach the various levels of ABET to ensure successful pass rates. The ABET learner benefits enormously from the knowledge not necessarily previously encountered. Assessments are carried out by means of Independant Examination Board (IEB) papers.


In accordance with the Skills Development Act (1998) companies are faced with various questions. What is the NQF and why do we need it? What is an SGB? Where do we pay our SDA levies? How can we get our levies back? And are our current learning programmes redundant? Companies need not worry, as these questions and more are addressed in one of the four product sections offered by Self Empowerment International.

The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a framework for a system of National recognition, which aims to recognise a learner's competence in relation to registered national standards. SEI offers workshops wherein delegates are able to demonstrate an understanding of the NQF, the structures that support it and the objectives of these structures within the South African context. The workshops also address the role and construction of unit standards and assessment in the workplace. Appropriate delegates would be those with an inherent strategic focus within the organisation and more specifically those involved with training and development.

Self Empowerment International provides the following services:

  • NQF Alignment
  • Understanding NQF workshops
  • Assessor training
  • Developing Learning Guides
  • Implementing Learnerships
  • Training & Skills Development
  • Facilitator


Self Empowerment International educates clients on the Employment Equity Act (EEA) state of health of employees. The Act legislates against discriminatory practices and imposes affirmative action requirements on most employers.

SEI delivers a comprehensive range of facilitated services and products to assist clients with all aspects of consultation, right through to the submission of the EE plan primarily with the world of work.

Preparing an employee to become a small business Entrepreneur in the event of early retirement/retrenchment.


Global competition in the market place has caused many companies to downsize and concentrate more on their core business. The rate and extent of change is likely to accelerate as companies continue their efforts to reach their correct staff levels necessary to attend to the core elements of business. Self Empowerment International has developed an extremely successful Small Business Training Programme, which equips a person to operate a small business in a sustainable and profitable manner. Those targeted are people who have never before had exposure to business management or the functions required to run a small, yet successful business.

What makes SEI unique in their Small Business Entrepreneur training is that:

  • All programmes are mind-mapped; modular outcome based - so they are simple to read and easy to understand
  • They guide the learner to shift from the mindset of "employee" to that of a "boss" who is now working for him/herself
  • Their step-by-step approach to create proficient business persons has had amazing results, even if the learner was almost functionally illiterate beforehand
  • They offer after-care service to small business people, if so required
  • Secretarial and bookkeeping services are offered to not only assist with the start-up, but with the ongoing service to the functioning business as well
  • Prior to the training, SEI conducts a Personal Profile on each and every person. This indicates their level of literacy and numeracy, and reveals the person's business acumen.


Self Empowerment International has developed a series of targeted education programmes addressing the urgent needs of targeted learning. This includes amongst others nutrition education, gender education and family development education.


In line with Government Departments, Parastatals and corporates Self Empowerment International has developed a wide range of specific life skills solutions.