Self Empowerment International (Pty) Ltd (SEI) is widely acknowledged as a leading centre of Training and Development. Our focus is on equipping people with the sustainable knowledge resources for career-related and personal development in the world of work. We achieve this through customised, outcomes-based Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET), which enables learners to complete Adult based education and provides them with nationally recognised qualifications via the IEB, that are SAQA approved and aligned with the National Qualifications Framework.

Self Empowerment International is a leading national training provider and product developer of training programmes in both software and printed hard copy for health education.

More than making a measurable contribution to work-related skills development, we foster the growth of life-long skills by integrating our training, education and development services with our range of e-thena® Lifeskill Solutions. In this way we are able to bridge educational and skill gaps, whilst simultaneously accelerating the learners’ intellectual capabilities by empowering them with the knowledge to manage the social, financial, health and wellness aspects of their lives, in order to make a difference in the workplace and in their communities and mainstream society. Our client base extends from medium size companies to major corporations, parastatals, non-governmental organisations, community-owned organisations, schools and learning-resource centres.

To assist our clients to achieve compliance with current labour and training legislation, our programmes are aligned with the Skills Development Act and the Skills Development Levies Act. We also work closely with the various Sector Education Training Authorities, (SETA’s) to implement occupation-related learnerships that lead to NQF accredited qualifications, whilst providing tax incentives for employers. We have accreditation with Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training (Accreditation no: ABT00018PA). SEI is also pleased to be a member of the Proudly South African campaign.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is the most serious social, economic, labour and humanitarian challenge of our time. Against this backdrop, SEI has been at the forefront in developing capacity-building CBT initiatives to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment. e-thena® Training Solutions offers two globally acclaimed products, recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), one of which provides HIV/AIDS education and awareness; whilst the other delivers training in the management, compliance, and delivery of antiretroviral therapy (ART). Both programmes have been developed in various interactive, touch-screen, learner paced, multimedia formats that have a performance management system and which are easily navigable by both computer literate and non-computer literate users - identifying individuals by means of thumb-recognition. The programmes which are available in South Africa’s 11 official languages as well as in Portuguese and French for Anglophone and Francophone parts of Africa, currently enjoy widespread usage by private corporations, government organisations, parastatals, schools, communities and health-care facilities in both South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Europe through the mechanisms of touch-screen kiosks, CD Rom and intranet.

Self Empowerment International is proud to be associated with the mass roll-out of tool-kits for targeted education which encompass all aspects of learning – audio, visual, and kinaesthetic; targetting NGOs and peer trainers.


Established in 1991, Self Empowerment International (SEI) formed a part of Educor Ltd, the largest provider of private education and staff grouping in Southern Africa.

2004, heralded the Company’s inception as an autonomous private entity through a management buy-out. The empowerment group, Nozala Investments, which derives a substantial part of its funding from rural black women and various trade unions, has involvements with SEI alongside SEI’s links with Mandelam Consulting.

SEI’s success in addressing the educational and training and development issues of our times, has entrenched its position as one of the leading national training and development providers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The thrust of its operations has been focused on delivering literacy, numeracy and lifeskill training in accordance with the outcomes-based objectives for adult education. Additionally, SEI provides clinical and public health education to healthcare workers and individuals at all levels, throughout Southern Africa.

In a joint initiative between, Liberty Life, Standard Bank of South Africa, Government, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, DSTV’s Learning Channel recently launched Mindset; - a television channel aimed at providing health and wellness education to a viewing audience of some 400 000 people. Self Empowerment International’s widely acclaimed HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention programmes which form part of its e-thena® Lifeskill Solutions, was selected to meet the stringent criteria for televised broadcast throughout South Africa and the greater part of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Self Empowerment International (Pty) Ltd has a story to tell, one that reflects the challenges, the complexeties and the unique opportunities of our time. We believe in making a difference and that is what we are constantly seeking to achieve - we pride ourselves as a centre of Training and Development.

At Self Empowerment International we believe that education is life sustaining. It furnishes the tools with which people carve out their lives, and it is a life long source of comfort, renewal and strength.

Self Empowerment International delivers quality Training, Development and Education services and products by enhancing the capacity of those we work with. We facilitate and monitor feedback to continually improve our services.

Our range of e-thena™ Lifeskill Solutions incorporates social, health, financial and educational capacity-building. We accelerate the learner through extensive Training and Development by making a measurable difference in the capacity of uplifting all: young people out of school, adult learners, school children, education administrators, management staff, workers, teachers and communities.
Self Empowerment International is committed to contributing to the excellence and efficiency in the corporate market. To this end, our association with big business has fostered and maintained strong relationships with government, parastatals, academic institutions and international organizations. At Self Empowerment International our aim is to craft and implement global educational and development outcomes to improve the quality of learning provided to all.